Monday, December 19, 2011

forty one

So I was going to blog this December 16 but as I was writing on the details, our power went off because of the typhoon that brought strong winds and heavy rains which damaged our city (Cagayan de Oro City). =( If you want to know more, please see my Flickr page:

Anyway, here is my blog entree for today.

 Look 1:

Skin: the body co. lavender (fair) [thebodyco Resident]
Make-up:  the body co. lavender makeup (spirit) [thebodyco Resident]
Hair: Lamb - Stereo (washed out) [Lamb Bellic]
Sunglasses: Shade Throne - Biggie Sunglasses (caramel tortoise) [Undo Hermano]
Tattoo: Aitui Tattoo - Hope Song [Jesseaitui Petion]
Necklace: Lagyo - Adele Necklace [Gyorgyna Larnia]
Top: mon tissu - Lycia Tank/Rigged Mesh [Elie Spot]
Shorts: mon tissu - Denim - Lou Lou [Anouk Spot]
Leggings: SMS - Leather Leggins (black) [Irie Campese]
Boots: Maitreya Mesh - Radical Boots [Onyx Leshelle]
Bag: Maitreya Mesh - Leather Satchel [Onyx Leshelle]

Look 2:

Skin: the body co. lavender (fair) [thebodyco Resident]
Hair: Lamb - Frenchie (left-brained) [Lamb Bellic]
Make-up: the body co. lavender makeup (spirit) [thebodyco Resident]
Sunglasses: Shade Throne - Campus glasses [Undo Hermano]
Necklace: Lagyo - Bizance coins [Gyorgyna Larnia]
Dress: Fleshtone - TrenchDress (Black) [FleshtoneTeam Resident]
Ring: Lagyo - Bizance coins [Gyorgyna Larnia]
Bracelet/Watch: Lagyo - watch and charms (gold) [Gyorgyna Larnia}
Leggins: Tee*fy - Floral Vintage (brown) [Azure Electricteeth]
Shoes: House of Fox - Justice Wedges [Fashionboi Landar]
Bag: Fleshtone - TheHuntingtonBag [FleshtoneTeam Resident]


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