Wednesday, August 31, 2011

twenty two

Hey hey hey! I haven't blogged in awhile and I missed a lot of outfits to wear and blog (ugh!). I got really busy in RL that I didn't have time to edit pictures for SL.

Anyway, here is my look today. My top is new from So Many Styles and right when I saw this dress, Lady Gaga's Judas video popped into my head. It actually has 2 different colors to choose from! So go and grab them now!

I decided to pair it with jeans from so I can wear it even if I'm going out to hang out with friends or go shopping. Again, it looks classy, but cool and hip! The Yaxkin from Maitreya matches with the outfit since it's not yet the end of summer, you can still wear these amazing sandals.

Also, I know I am late for eid ul-fitr (a muslim holiday which is the end of ramadan) but this outfit would fit for the celebration.

Hope you love this one guys! <3


Skin: The Body Co. - Lavender (fair) [thebodyco Resident]
Hair: Maitreya Aisha - Cacao [Onyx Leshelle]
Hair Accessory: Zaara - Nizam head jewel (white) [Zaara Kohime]
Earrings: R.icielli - BRIGITTE earrings (quartz) [Fhara Acacia]
Scarf: Emery - Silk Scarf Holly (black) [sunami Beck]
Top: So Many Styles - Ethno Tunic (storm) [Irie Campese] NEW!
Jeans: - Tyra Jeans [CK Winx]
Bracelet: Zaara - Nizam Haath-phool hand-jewel (white) [Zaara Kohime]
Bag: House of Fox - Roman Bag (coco) [Fashionboi Landar]
Nails: Love Soul - Nail Dark Color (red) [Bluestarrui Villota]
Sandals: Maitreya Gold - Yaxkin (plum) [Onyx Leshelle]


Thursday, August 25, 2011

twenty one

How about some jumpsuit from Laviere for this near-end summer vacation of ours? This is perfect for those people who would love to travel but would like to look classy and at the same time, comfortable. Just by looking at it, you would see how soft and silky the cloth is, something you would really want to wear in RL! Looking classy will never be complete without jewelries. Lagyo will always pop in my brain when I think about a classical and sophisticated look, where in the jewelries and accessories are well made and textured by Gyorgyna Larnia.

This hair from Lelutka reminds me of Imelda Marcos who is very famous all over the world for her shoe collection way back in the 80s and this would always be her hairstyle... until now. Lastly, Maitreya Gold's Moxie will always be my all time favourite this summer! I can pair it with any outfit I want. 

I hope you guys like what I blogged today. Enjoy every bit of the summer heat guys!!! =D

Skin: the body co. - lavender (fair)
Hair:  lelutka - brigitte hair (strawberry shortcake) [Thora Charron]
Make-up:  the body co. - lavender (fair) makeup (kiss)
Necklace: lagyo - illunis necklace (gold/white) [Gyorgyna Larnia]
Jumpsuit: laviere - jumpsuit (navy) [Azure Electricteeth]
Bracelet: lagyo - watch and charms gold [Gyorgyna Larnia]
Ring: house of fox - wildflower ring [Fashionboi Landar]
Shoes: maitreya gold - moxie [Onyx Leshelle]
Bag:  house of fox - weekender tote (blue) [Fashionboi Landar]


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


 It's been raining for almost two weeks here in the Philippines every afternoon which gave me the idea of making a photo of it. The umbrella from NODE+ is really worth your Lindens. It has 6 different textures and you can open and close it.

The new Fishy Strawberry's Plisse dress is so cute! Definitely one of those dresses that I would wear everyday! It is well textured especially the belt. Since the color of the belt is red, I decided to place a hair accessory from Lagyo which has a touch of red and same with Zaara's flats. Ofcourse, this dotted tights from Vive9 is cute! As you can see, I blogged this already but I love wearing it!

The Material hair from Lelutka completes the whole outfit. I have been looking for this hair ever since and now I found it! Woooot!

I hope you like this look guys! <3


Skin: laq - olivia (fair) [Mallory Cowen]
Hair: lelutka - material hair (dark blonde) [Thora Charron]
Hair accessory: lagyo - splatter roses fascinator (red) [Gyorgyna Larnia]
Dress: fishy strawberry - plisse dress (mustard) [Fae Eriksen]
Earrings: Atelier AM - tear drop earring (gold) [aya Huldschinsky]
Necklace: Atelier AM - tear drop necklace (gold) [aya Huldschinsky]
Tights: vive9 - dot-ed after tights in nude [Sanya Bilavio]
Shoes: zaara - ilaida mojri (yellow) [Zaara Kohime]
Umbrella: node+ - umbrella_v2_NO12 [nyagos Kidd]


Saturday, August 20, 2011


Have you thought of what to wear for this coming September? We all know that school is coming up and we always wanted to look gorgeous for our first day of class! Just imagine the new people around and the cute guys (giggles)!

To help you pick out on what to wear, here I am and ready to help you!
This new micro miniskirt from Zaara is soooo gorgeous and sexy. This is available in different colors to match your outfit! I paired it with Lelutka's military jacket which is definitely a must for this cold weather nowadays.

And have you checked Lelutka's new hair?! You should get it! It has a variety of colors with roots. I picked the lighter blondes for me since mostly all my hairs are blonde-ish.

A school outfit would never be complete without this pair of Maitreya Gold's Shearling Boots and Maitreya's socks.

So, who says school is boring?! Hhmm? :D


Skin: LAQ - Olivia (fair) [Mallory Cowen]
Hair: lelutka - moss hair (lion) [Thora Charron] NEW!
Eye make-up: cheap makeup - bright lights [Stella Semaphore]
Jacket: lelutka - charlie jacket (dirt) [Azufr3 Catteneo]
Undershirt: mon tissu - cozy up tee (white) [Elie Spot]
Scarf: mr. poet - wide scarf (free gift) [hiwinyu Fazuku]
Skirt: zaara - denim skirt (mocha) [Zaara Kohime] NEW!
Left Ring: lagyo - shield rings (gold/black) [Gyorgyna Larnia]
Right Ring: lagyo - chic knuckle (gold) [Gyorgyna Larnia]
Socks: maitreya - scrunched primsocks (colorset 2) [Onyx Leshelle]
Shoes: maitreya gold - shearling boots (bistre) [Onyx Leshelle]


Thursday, August 18, 2011


I watched the movie "The Last Song" by Miley Cyrus (I'm not a fan of her but I love that movie!) and got inspired by it. The new Emery highwaisted jeans looks so comfortable with this top (which is also from Emery). Perfect for this summer ending. It is a simple outfit which is not too revealing of skin but sexy and hot at the same time!

I also like the Fishy Strawberry shades which adds up to my "vintage" themed photo. I edited a little of the Maitreya hair to make it look like it has been swept by the wind together with the scarf.

And ofcourse the Yaxkin sandals from Maitreya Gold is definitely a must! Go get them now before summer ends!

Hope you like it! <3


Skin: LAQ - olivia (fair) [Mallory Cowen]
Hair: maitreya - lauren (reds) [Onyx Leshelle]
Glasses: fishy strawberry - vintage candy bar glasses - tortoise [Fae Eriksen]
Cigarette: hermony - specialblend cigarette (pink) [Hermanni Laville]
Scarf: emery - silk scarf holly [sunami Beck]
Top: emery - top paula [sunami Beck]
Jeans: emery - denim highwaisted muta [sunami Beck]
Ring(right): house of fox - foreveryoung ring [Fashionboi Landar]
Ring(left): house of fox - my favorite gem (group gift) [Jared Jharles]
Bracelet: miel - chum bracelet [Miel Nirvana]
Bag: house of fox - the olsen - nude [Fashionboi Landar]
Sandals: maitreya gold - yaxkin [Onyx Leshelle]


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The new release of House of Fox's Olsen bag is definitely a must to all of you shoppers out there. Fashionboi Landar released one version of it in Fifty Linden Fridays (as you can see in my previous blog) and right now, he made different colors to match your preferred style. Along with this is the scarf he made with different colors to choose from!

And hey! Look at The Secret Store's new sexy patchwork dress available at Fashionably Late from August 14 to August 20. Paired with Maitreya's Salience which was a special edition at the Shoe Fair 2011 and is now available at Maitreya's mainstore.

This look is inspired by my friend, Barbie Letord.


Skin: LAQ - olivia (fair) [Mallory Cowen]
Hair: truth - gabriel (collabor88) [Truth Hawks]
Sunglasses: reek - park shades [Riq Graves]
Scarf: house of fox - statement scarf (pink) [Fashionboi Landar]
Dress: the secret store - patchwork dress (mint/cherry) [Maylee Oh]
Shoes: maitreya gold - salience socks and tights (violet) [Onyx Leshelle]
Bag: house of fox - the olsen (gum) [Fashionboi Landar]
Nails: mandala - sinra bracelet, ring, nails (sakura pink) [kikunosuke Eel]


Sunday, August 14, 2011


Time flies so fast and with a blink of our eyes, summer will be over. The fast ticking of the clock makes us forget to change our outfit from warm temperature in the day and cold summer nights. Along with Erin Winterwolf and Tsuruko Cliassi, we decided to spice up the last feeling of summer heat and the chilly breeze of the night in one perfect summer outfit!


Left (me):

Skin: LAQ - olivia (fair) [Mallory Cowen]
Hair: anaphora - Camella [Vidal Giordano]
Hair Accessory: lagyo - splatter roses fascinator red [Gyorgyna Larnia]
Blazer: mon tissu -  Rockaby Blazer - Red [Anouk Spot]
Dress: emery - dress augusta NEW! [sunami Beck]
Shoes: maitreya - moxie-summer [Onyx Leshelle]

Middle (Erin):

Skin: vive9 - abbey in Sundew [Sanya Bilavio]
Hair: lelutka - brigitte [Minnu Palen]
Necklace: paper couture - fishnet wrapped pearls in cream [Cora Lu]
Dress: michami - leather dress in grey [Milla Michinaga]
Shoes: elikatira - move pumps [Elikapeka Tiramisu]
Bag: house of fox - stella clutch [Fashionboi Landar]

Right (Tsu):
Hair: vive 9 - fredja in dust&sugar  [Sanya Bilavio]
Skin: glance - gwen   [Joakim Asbrink]
Gum: pink fuel - yum bubblegum [Mochi Milena]
Makeup: the sugar garden - hush blush [Eilfie Sugarplum]
Sweater: emery - cropped top N.2 [sunami Beck]
Ring: shade throne -  daph ring [undo Hermano]
Necklace: atelier AM - pearl and chain  [aya huldchinsky]
Nails: rozena - lemon juice [Lindsay Rozen]
Undershirt: willow - stripe tank blue  [Weezey Warwillow]
Shorts: ufo - maichu shorts [como setsuko]
Shoes: maitreya - ixkin [Onyx Leshelle]
Bag: house of fox - the olsen silver [fashionboi landar]


Thursday, August 11, 2011


i'm keepin my affair in a book
so this is how a villain feels
they're running seasons in my chest
and im only to keep them

maybe its not true
love on the tv
just like we imagine it
and its so hard to do
when theres always some distraction
  a shiny red balloon
that spoils everything.


Skin: Illusory - Skin Milk (Collabor88 exclusive)
Hair: Lamb. - Ambrosia - Snickers
Sunglasses: Shade Throne - Biggie Sunglasses
Earrings: R.icielli - Brigitte earrings - blackdiamond
Jacket: The Secret Store - Eglantine - Beige Suede
Top: Mon Tissu - Park Avenue Top - White
Skirt: The Secret Store - Chiffon - Old Bloom ( TDR 8.12.2011 )
Tights: vive9 - Dot-ed After Tights in Nude
Boots: TokiDoki - Boho Boots - Light
Bag: House of Fox - Weekender Tote (brown)


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


open your door
dance on the floor
hey what's your name?
let's play a game
let it begin
your head will spin 


Skin: Illusory - Skin Milk (Collabor88 Exclusive)
Hair: Elikatira - Breeze (Collabor88 Exclusive)
Top: The Secret Store - Bow-Lero - Cotton Candy
Under: Mon Tissu - Cozy Up Tee
Skirt: Indie Rose - Floral Skirt
Ring: Yummy - Pink/White Rose Bunch Ring
Nails: Rezipsa Loc - White & Yellow Nails
Shoes: Shiny Things - Romance Flats


Tuesday, August 9, 2011



Skin: Illusory - Skin Milk (Collabor88 Exclusive)
Hair: Elikatira - Changes (Collabor88 Exclusive)
Top: So Many Styles - Tulip Dress
Jacket: Wasted Youth - Cell Block Blazer
Necklace: Lagyo - Illunis Necklace
Ring (right): House of Fox - Forever Young Ring
Ring (left): Lagyo - Shield Ring
Shorts: Nylon Outfitters - Studded Denim Shorts
Belt: The Secret Store - Boheme Belt (from Boheme dress)
Bag: House of Fox - PS1 Suede Satchel
Shoes: Maitreya Gold - Moxie


Monday, August 8, 2011



Skin: Rozena - Cecil
Hair: 69 - ME
Eyes: Rozena - Tempt Eye
Scarf: **DP**yumyum - gacha muffler4
Top: Pivaaca - SummerKnit Layered Set with shirt
Skirt: Yozoh - Koizora
Necklace: Gypsys! - Scissor Necklace
Bracelet: MIEL - Chum bracelet
Feet: Maitreya Gold - Bare Feet Flat


Thursday, August 4, 2011


my midsummer night's dream.


Skin: Rozena - Cecil
Hair: 69 - SMINB
Hat: kik - sun hat set
Sunglasses: Priss - Summer Shades in Gold
Earrings: R.icielli - Brigitte Earrings
Necklace: Priss - Lady Medallion Necklace *Virgin Mary*
Top: CheerNo Femme - Celly Stripe
Shorts: The Secret Store - Highwaisted shorts
Bracelet: Mandala - Pearl Rain Bracelet
Ring: flowey. - Light as a Feather Ring
Bag: House of Fox - The Olsen (Fifty Linden Fridays)
Slippers: Maitreya Gold - Flip Flops Fawn with anklet
Starstruck Coffee / Frappuccino: from Ashleey Andrew's Coffee Shop