Monday, December 5, 2011



skin: tres blah - C88 Glossed Skin (light) [Julliette Westerburg]
hair: vive9 - Poland Highlander Bun (gold blonde) [Sanya Bilavio]
glasses: Shade Throne - Campus glasses (azafran day) [Undo Hermano]
earrings: Lagyo - Dano earrings [Gyorgyna Larnia]
scarf: TokiDoki - scarf from my aunt (tiger) [Maya Levane]
dress: Priss - Cotton Slouche Dress (blue) [Erin Winterwolf]
leggings: vive9 - Dot-ed After Tights (gold) [Sanya Bilavio]
bag: TokiDoki - winter fur bag (yellow) [Maya Levane]
ring: Lagyo - Dano ring [Gyorgyna Larnia]
boots: TokiDoki - winter boot (camel) [Maya Levane]
snowman: Urban Affliction - Snowman II [Al Ogee]

note: i edited the scarf on first picture, the original one is right here below...


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